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  • App launched in 2021
  • Backed by research and health professionals
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A bond loan, what is that?

A bond investment is nothing more than an ordinary loan that is issued by companies. When you buy a bond, you lend money to a company. You will receive interest for this loan. The loan is repaid by the company over a certain period.

  • You invest for 5 years in Envol
  • You will receive a 5% yearly interest
  • You will receive interest and repayments per quarter
  • First year no repayment
  • Participate from as low as €250

In this way you have the certainty that a payment takes place every quarter. Over time your investment comes back to you with an attractive return.


About Envol


Envol is a wellness mobile app that guides people every day to help them feel better, by offering them ways to recharge their mind and body. The app offers an interactive recharge score and personalized tips to feel better, as well as a toolbox with restorative tools (high quality meditations, 3D sound journeys, visualization music, breathing module, positive affirmations) to recharge and repair.

All the content in Envol is original and created with extremely talented artists, using technologies that have been proven to induce deep relaxation and healing.

Our mission

To empower people to create a positive change in their health and in their life, by using tools everyone has access to.

Our Story


In 2015,  Julie experienced a reaction to ciprofloxacin, an antibiotic with known side effects, that damaged her nervous system and left her unable to walk. Julie stayed 4 years in a wheelchair.

After trying many unsuccessful medical treatments, Julie started ‘’recharging’’ her body every single day to give herself the best chance at healing from within. She changed her diet, spent time in sunlight, practiced a positive attitude, moved her body gently and rested a lot. And she started feeling better.

One day she told her partner Tim that it would be great to find a sort of tracker that would monitor how well she would recharge her body and keep her motivated. Tim built for Julie an algorithm and turned it into a ‘’recharge score” to help her monitor those ‘’nourishments’’, giving her gentle guidance and support.

And it worked!

The more Julie was recharging her body… the quicker she was healing. One day, She started walking again…and so Envol was born.



Where will we invest your money

Where will we invest your money


Grow the app

Introduce new app features based on user experience and market opportunities, and continuously add new content.


Establish Envol globally

Create efficient marketing campaigns to increase Envol’s brand presence across the world.


Expand our team

Grow our team of specialists.

Start investing!

How can I buy bonds?

How can I buy bonds?

14 days reflection time

After payment, you have 14 days of cooling-off time to cancel free of charge.

Securely via your bank

The corporate bonds can be paid via iDEAL or via bank transfer. You will receive your payment confirmation directly via email.

You will immediately receive login details with access to your own personal investment dashboard.

No closing costs

You do not pay management or closing costs. There are no hidden charges.

Before you start investing

Before you start investing

Invest with trust

It is wise to immerse yourself in our company first. Although investing is never free of risks, it can provide more financial return than bank savings. However, it is very important that you have the right and complete information and studied it carefully. The fact that you are looking at the information on this website is a good sign.

Limit your risk

Does high interest rates always mean more risk? Yes, but you can limit your own risk by spreading your investments. Never invest more money than you can spare. It is not wise to use your complete savings account, because investing always involves risks.

Start investing immediatly

You can do that. From experience, you probably already know what the risks are. Corporate bonds are a separate asset class. The risk, i.e. the yield ratio, is not comparable to other investment products such as ship CVs, government bonds or real estate and institutional investment funds.

Recommended by health professionals

Envol is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to optimize their health. I love that the app includes a tracking system for daily health habits as well as a toolbox to help reduce stress and support the nervous system.

Laura Gouge – Portland USA
ND, Medical Director Wolf Pack

Envol is an evidence based app dedicated to revolutionizing our approach to health and well-being. Envol is THE digital health supplement that everybody needs.

Leon Mao – Melbourne Australia